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16yo aspiring author of Sweepings of the Street, an Industrial Revolution novel, and other short stories/writing pieces.

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My name is Amanda, and since I was 7 years old I've wanted to be a published author. I have been working on my novel Sweepings of the Street since the end of 2017, and hope to share excerpts of it here. I also write short stories and occasional poems. I welcome any sort of constructive feedback on my writing!

Sweet Spring Is In The Air (sonnet)

August 12, 2020


Sweet Spring is in the air, and with her scents 
The sunlight beams its smile down from the sky. 
We leave the trail and find a broken fence,
Its bars, like fallen trees, in grasses lie. 

But look! A gap within the fence is found,
And past it, swaying fields of molten gold
Framed by tall trees, sprung from the fertile ground, 
Which stand as straight and fair as soldiers bold.
We walk in awe through thick, untrodden grass
That rolls in waves as on the open seas,
We walk in gladness as bright blooms we pass
And as we walk, at last, we are at ease. 

What beauty, what a landscape thus concealed!
Naught brings me joy as does this boundless field. 
William Wordsworth was a British Romantic poet who wrote many poems, some of them sonnets like this one, about nature and the joy it brought to him. In my tenth grade English class, we were assigned to write a poem inspired by Wordsworth, and this was mine. The field that is the inspiration for this poem is at the end of an overgrown trail in my friend's backyard where we like to explore. 


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