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16yo aspiring author of Sweepings of the Street, an Industrial Revolution novel, and other short stories/writing pieces.

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My name is Amanda, and since I was 7 years old I've wanted to be a published author. I have been working on my novel Sweepings of the Street since the end of 2017, and hope to share excerpts of it here. I also write short stories and occasional poems. I welcome any sort of constructive feedback on my writing!

The World (free verse poem)

August 10, 2020


Sometimes I look at the world
And I see that it is hideous. 
I see a girl typing offensive messages behind a screen,
Knowing no one will know it was her. 
I see a boy making jokes about a group of people
When his classmate is part of that group.
I see a girl being told that she “asked for it” 
Because her skirt was “too short.” 
I see a boy forbidden from being himself
Because he was born a “girl.”
I see a couple keeping their relationship a secret
Because their love is illegal.
I see children torn from their parents and siblings
For coming to a safer place.
I see students huddling in the corner of their classroom,
Hiding from the armed man in the hallway.
I see people who believe that others should not be alive
Because they are different.
I see chaos, hate, prejudice, sadness.
I see all of this, and I think, “The world is hideous.”

Sometimes I look at the world
And I see that it is beautiful. 
I see a girl placing her lunch next to a girl she’s never spoken to,
But who looks lonely. 
I see a boy standing up to defend his friend
When someone is bullying him. 
I see a girl shaving her head and donating her hair 
To raise money for cancer. 
I see a boy tutoring a younger student at school
And helping him to understand. 
I see a family with a raft rescuing their neighbors
From the roof of their flooded house. 
I see a group of students organizing a clothing drive
For children who need it more than they do. 
I see an act of kindness on the street 
That may make a world of difference to one person. 
I see celebrations of identity, heritage, and pride,
And people who are unafraid to be who they are. 
I see peace, love, acceptance, joy. 
I see all of this, and I think, “The world is beautiful.”
Fourteen-year-old Amanda immortalized the injustices and beauties of the United States in June 2018. Two years later, a lot of it is still relevant. 


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