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The butt tree

August 10, 2020

In school, there is one tree that stands right next to the rusted gates.
It was huge, lumbering and tall; in my younger years I called it a fairy haven.
The first day at a new school, and the entire class brought the newbies to this tree.
Magical, the feeling of being included. But I digress.
I kid you not, the tree looked like it was the heart of the field. It stood smack in the middle, taller than it's peers.
But once you got closer, you start to notice something else:
There were butts on the trunk. It looked like it, small wooden curves that were spherical enough to be dubbed that way. It looked more like ah, mammary glands,
but that word was too taboo to say at that age, haha.
The branches were too high to swing on, but we all hung out there anyway. 
There was dry dirt around it, and we kicked it up into dirt dusts that made the area look even more ethereal. It also made our mothers angry, who stopped buying white shirts after 3rd grade.
It reminded me of a fun grandpa, an old geezer. If you looked at it from the right angle, the heavy mess of leaves looked like a beard.
Some chopped branches gave off a maple syrupy scent, like grandma's flap-cakes you crave every Sunday morning. His pipe smoke was perpetually around him, the dirt dust. Every time the children played with him, the bark sounded like bones cracking and creaking. But it continued, happy all the while.
The tree didn't mind being made fun of. It stood tall and proud. 
Now, years later, I watch younger children do the same. He still stands, ever tall, ever proud, watching over his children.
Being the butt of the joke.



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  • aloeg

    I like how you've personified the tree and also shown how the people interact with it. A great piece of writing!

    9 months ago