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Behind the mirror

August 24, 2016

Scene 1
Time: --
Setting: At a carnival, Psychic’s tent, Cherry’s home
Characters: Cherry, Sales, Psychic
(lights on)
(Cherry walks along the carnival streets in a pompous way. She stops in front of a glass window that reflected her image and fixes her hair. Cherry grins at her reflection and nods. She turns around swiftly and continues to walk.)
Sales: (yells to Cherry) Miss!
(Cherry turns her head and looks sharply at Sales)
Sales: Would you like to join our fitness programme?
(Cherry steps towards Sales, picks up leaflet and scans it.)
Sales: (enthusiastic) You can have a 3-day free trial too! And for such a pretty girl like you, it’s a tragedy to have some unwanted baby fat…
Cherry: (glares at Sales) (trenchant tone) What?!
Sales: Um…
Cherry: (snaps) I do not have baby fat.
Sales: (petrified) (stammers) Uh…Um…Oh…okay…
(Cherry glares at Sales for one last time and pretentiously stomps away.)
(Cherry continues to walk and comes across a psychic tent. She is lured into the tent by an inexplicable force or magic Psychic is sitting on a chair at the table with her hands on a crystal ball.)
Psychic: (mysterious) (welcoming)  I have been waiting for you, Cherry.
Cherry: (befuddled) Wha…what?
Psychic: (chuckles slyly) I’m a psychic, dear. (stands up and strides towards Cherry)(smiles insidiously) Cherry, Cherry. What an intriguing name. (wants to hold out hand to touch Cherry’s face but stops) (starts nodding vigorously and grinning) I know.
Cherry: (perplexed) Know what?
(Psychic takes Cherry by the arm and swiftly guides her to a tall mirror that is covered with a crimson cloth.)
Psychic: (looks at mirror in admiration and caresses it) This is perfect. (to Cherry)(hands holding up with palms facing Cherry) This is perfect.
Cherry: (frustrated) Perfect?
Psychic: (beguiles) (moves around Cherry in a circle) You’re so gorgeous, deary. It would be a total waste for you not to possess an antique mirror like this. (steps back to the mirror, grins insidiously) And the mirror suits you so much I’m going to gift it to you!
(Cherry’s eyes widen suddenly. Cherry turns to the Psychic in a rather robotic way and nods.)
Psychic: (grins) Lovely.
(Cherry carries the mirror out of the Psychic’s tent.)
Psychic: (shouts to Cherry) Come back soon!            
(Cherry exits.)
Psychic: (chuckles evilly) If you ever come back.
(lights off)
Scene 2
Time: --
Setting: Cherry’s room
Characters: Cherry
(lights on)
(Cherry carries the mirror to centre stage. She lifts up the crimson cloth and is immediately shocked by her image in the mirror.)
Cherry: (shocked) I’m…I’m so fat. I guess the sales was right… (depressed) I can’t believe I had thought so highly of myself before… (determined) That’s it. I must lose weight.
(lights off)
Scene 3
Time: --
Setting: School canteen
Characters: Cherry, Tiffany, Canteen Lady, Movement 1
(lights on)
(The canteen is filled with students. The canteen lady is taking the students’ orders.)
Canteen lady: (welcoming)(to movement 1) What would you like to eat?
Movement 1: (smiles) A ham and cheese sandwich please.
(Canteen lady writes down order and hands it to movement 1. Cherry and Tiffany enter and walk up to canteen lady. Movement 1 leaves.)
Tiffany: Cherry, what are you eating?
Cherry: I’m not eating.
Tiffany: (surprised) What?! Why?
Cherry: (curtly) I’m full.
Tiffany: How can you be full?! You didn’t even eat breakfast.
Cherry: (lips compress into a line) I have to lose weight.  (looks down at stomach) I’m just too fat. (shakes head and sighs)
Tiffany: (worried) Are you sure? You look fine to me.
Canteen Lady: (to Cherry) Yes you do! You should really eat something. Today’s special is spaghetti carbonara.
Cherry: (snaps) I’m not eating! Which part of that sentence don’t you understand?!
Tiffany: (vexed) Cherry, it’s not good for you…
Cherry: (irritated) Would you stop?! It’s none of your business.  (cross arms)
Canteen Lady: (frustrated) Are you ordering or not? By the way, we have curry rice too!
Tiffany: (caring) Do eat something.
Cherry: (incensed) I am not eating!
(Cherry darts off the stage, leaving the Canteen Lady and Tiffany utterly perplexed.)
(lights off)
Scene 4
Time: --
Venue: Teacher’s office
Characters: Cherry, Teacher
(lights on)
(Cherry buries her head in her arms and sits at one side of the table. The teacher sits at the other side with her arms crossed. There is a lunch box on the table.)
Teacher: (demanding) Cherry, I’m not giving you a choice. Eat it. (pushes lunch box towards Cherry)
(Cherry doesn’t budge. She just shakes her head.)
Teacher: (strong tone) Cherry, look at me.
(Cherry doesn’t move.)
Teacher: (starting to get mad) Look, Cherry. I’m counting from one to three. One, two…
(Cherry looks up abruptly.)
Cherry: (lachrymose) You can’t force me to do this!
Teacher: (callous) That’s when you’re wrong, Cherry. I can give you detention if you do not eat something.
Cherry: (yelling)(tearful) (stands up)Why do you all hate me?!
(Cherry runs offstage.)
(lights off)
Scene 5
Time: --
Venue: Cherry’s room
Characters: Cherry, Tiffany
(lights on)
(Cherry is looking at her reflection in the mirror and Tiffany is standing behind her.)
Tiffany: (implores) Cherry, please! You’re not fat! You’re so thin it scares the people around you!
(Cherry turns around curtly and faces Tiffany.)
Cherry: (aloof) You don’t understand.
Tiffany: Cherry…
Cherry: (yells) You don’t understand!
(Tiffany looks at Cherry flummoxed. Cherry composes herself and gives Tiffany a sneer.)
Cherry: (simpers) I know you’re jealous. You don’t want me to have the perfect body shape.
Tiffany: (frowns and furrows eyebrows) (strong tone) What?! How can you say that?! I tell you this because I care about your well-being. Please! Just listen to me.
(Cherry ignores Tiffany. Tiffany runs to get a small mirror and puts it in front of Cherry’s face.)
Tiffany: (almost yelling) Look! This is you. You are already horribly underweight. Please just stop dieting.
(Cherry snatches the mirror from Tiffany. She stares at herself in the small mirror for a second or two and turns her head away. Cherry pushes the small mirror back into Tiffany’s hands and faces the long mirror. -->checks reflection sideways that faces the audience. )
Cherry: (tearful)(nonchalant) Don’t lie to me. That mirror is distorted.
Tiffany: (yells)(gestures hand to long mirror) No! Cherry! Wake up! The very mirror you are looking in is the distorted one. Think about…
Cherry: (screams) Stop talking! Get out!
Tiffany: (placates) Cherry…you have to trust me…
 (Cherry glares at Tiffany. Tiffany is a little intimidated. Cherry then strides to her dressing table and takes a pair of scissors out of the drawer. Cherry points the pair of scissors at Tiffany.)
Cherry: (threatens) I am only going to say this once: Get out.
Tiffany: (petrified) Cherry, please…
Cherry: (screams) Get out! Get out! Get out!
(Cherry slowly moves towards Tiffany with scissor. Tiffany walks backwards scared and walks out of the room. Cherry slams the door shut. [Please make door-banging noise])
Tiffany: (bangs on door)(shouts) Cherry! Cherry! Open up!
Cherry: (strong tone) Do not utter a sound.
(Tiffany stops and runs off stage. Cherry turns back to the direction of the mirror and smiles warmly.)
Cherry: (calm) Finally.
(Cherry steps towards the long mirror feebly. She trips mid-way and crawls towards the mirror. Cherry clambers up with her hands touching the mirror. Cherry is getting more and more excited as she sees herself in the mirror.)
Cherry: (smiles excitedly and checks her reflection in the mirror) I am finally…normal.
(Cherry starts laughing insanely then goes on to coughing and laughing. The coughing gets worse. Cherry holds onto the frame of the mirror one last time for a last breath of air and collapses to the floor. [Note that the mirror does exactly what Cherry does.])
(After a while, Cherry’s reflection in the mirror stands up. Cherry’s reflection snickers at Cherry’s deceased body. The reflection then turns to the audience and gives them a sinister smile.)


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