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Curse Of The Immortal

August 24, 2020


The little boy asked his dad, “what’s a curse?”
“Something very, very bad”, replied his father. 
That night, a lonely spirit visited the boy. 
“I will curse you with something very bad, very awful” whispered the spirit.
The newly awoken boy questioned, “what will you curse me with?”
“You will never die, always live.”
The boy laughed, “that’s not a curse silly! Everyone wants that as a superpower!”
“We will see, we will see”. And with that, the spirit left, and the boy continued with his slumber. 
It would be much later that the boy discovers the true meaning of his curse, and how awful it is. 

A century later, the spirit returned once again. 
"How do you do, how do you do?" asked the spirit.
Ignoring the question, the boy asked, "why did you make me immortal?"
The spirit sounded genuinely guilty when it said, "I have no friends, no friends!"
"And you waited a century to tell me that?"
"Time goes fast, very fast."
And despite everything, the boy laughed. "Well, I might as well be your friend now."


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  • pineapple.mouse

    Reply: Thank you! Also hahahahaha now you know my love for anime XD

    about 1 year ago
  • Huba Huba

    This story is nice, sweet, and short! Also I see your Hinata profile picture hahahahaha

    about 1 year ago