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apis mellifera

August 10, 2020

i never thought much of bees. 

sara did though. she planted flowers for them in the window box outside her apartment, liked to watch them as they ducked into the lilies and zinnias. 

i asked her what she thought of the bee movie once and she gave me one of those looks that said go to hell but also don’t stop talking. please; the silence is killing me slowly. or maybe i was too busy looking at myself reflected in her to really notice.

but now she’s gone and the bees are rattling in my skull.
republishing in the correct prompt this time.
words:  96
reviews always appreciated. 


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  • avoiding the big bang

    revision 2 -
    thank you so much for all of your help! if there's anything you need reviewed, you can ask me.

    6 months ago
  • jun lei

    there's something achingly beautiful about this. the first line, "i never thought much of bees," isn't intricately phrased, but there's something lovely about it, though vague. i can't quite put my finger on it. curiously enough, the vignette is reminiscent of the bees about which you write: something simple and short that stings. yet another stunning work of yours.

    6 months ago