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" We don't meet people by accident. Everyone is meant to cross our paths for a reason."

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Fated For Adventure (Part 2)

August 10, 2020


You're still reading my story? Oh my gosh, thank you! I was sure that you'd leave, but you haven't! Before I start rambling again I'm going to start narrating the story so that you don't have to listen to me. After all, I'm just the narrator. You know, the one telling the story. And I'm rambling again! Well here goes something.


Yoffa was an old man, and being old, he had seen many things. These things had taught him many lessons and made him very, very wise. He was also in tune with his senses - especially his ears - so he knew what was going on.

So when the young man, well teenager, really, burst into his home carrying a young girl, he knew who they were. The girl was obviously Elodie Murphy, who had been the talk of the village since she disappeared the day before she was supposed to be sent to the south for boarding school. And the teenage boy had to be Mylz Howell, who looked like a young, stunning version of his father.

As Mylz cried for help, laying down the poor girl who had gashes all along her arms and chest, Yoffa was forced to leave Dallya, the young girl who had injured her arm and come to him for help. He was well acquainted with Dallya since she came often, and so he didn't feel bad leaving her arm partially bandaged. She'd understand.

But just as Yoffa reached the injured Elodie, she breathed her last breath and he watched the light leave her eyes, her soul already on its path to heaven.

"It is too late, boy," Yoffa told Mylz, putting a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

"N-No! I-It can't be! She can't be g-gone!" He yelled, tears streaming out of his eyes as he looked up at the old man. "P-Please! There has to be something you can do! Anything!"

"Boy, she is in a better place now. She is at peace, even if the loved ones she left behind will be saddened by her loss. Go home now, boy. I will let her family know, go and grieve with the comfort of your family," Yoffa said.

"They don't know about her," Mylz whispered. "They will be mad at me because I ran away."

"Then go to a place you find comfort and grieve. Don't do anything rash, boy," Yoffa said, patting him on the back. "Leave."

"I-I loved her," Mylz cried.

"And love is a powerful thing, boy. But she will always be with you. Now go. I have another patient to finish with." 

It was then that Mylz first noticed the girl in the room. She had tears in her eyes as she looked at him. He couldn't help but be curious of her, and before he could stop them, his feet took him across the room towards her. "H-How can you mourn for someone you don't know?" He asked her as the teardrops fell onto her cheeks.

"I did know her," the little girl said, wiping her eyes with the back of one of her grimy hands. "Not well, nothing like how you must have known her, but she helped me once when I was hurt and fed me without asking anything in return. She was such a kind soul."

"Was," Mylz repeated. This young girl, who he didn't know, was mourning for the girl he believed to be the love of his life, even though she barely knew her. There was something about it that made him angry, but also made his heart tingle. She shed tears for someone she hadn't really known, hadn't loved. She didn't know how he felt.

Yoffa walked past Mylz as he stared at the little girl and went back to bandaging her arm. He wanted to get away. Run, until he couldn't run anymore. But he felt pulled to this little girl who was dressed in rags so dirty that they had probably never been washed, who had skin so grimy that it would take some serious scrubbing to clean.

"How did you get that?" Mylz asked the girl, pointing to her arm. Pushing thoughts of Elodie aside for a moment was what he needed.

"I, uh, caught my arm on a metal thing sticking out of a ladder," the girl said, looking up at him. Her eyes shined a curious green that he felt looking deep into his own eyes as if they could see into his soul.

He nodded, unsure what to say. That he was sorry? He wasn't. He had just experienced the death of someone he had loved, even if it was only for a short time. But this little girl had also seen Elodie die.

"Are you okay?" She asked as Yoffa tied off the bandage.

"Yes. I mean, no. Not really. I don't know what to do, honestly," Mylz told her, looking down at his feet.

"Well, maybe you just need some alone time. That always helps," the girl said, getting up and walking past him. He followed her as she waved goodbye to Yoffa and stepped outside. "By the way, I'm Dallya," she added.

With that, Dallya walked away from Mylz. As she left, Mylz realized that he hadn't told her his name. He thought of running after her, but decided against it. What were the chances that he'd see the little girl again anyway? 


Seven hours after Elodie died, Mylz was sitting at the base of the big oak tree where he had first met her. It had been several hours since he had run out of tears to cry, and he was hungry and tired. He didn't know what he wanted to do with his life anymore. His dreams of traveling around Rowlow with Elodie had been washed down the drain, and he couldn't fathom what would happen if he went back to his family.

He couldn't stop thinking about Elodie, or that little girl, Dallya, that he had seen when he took Elodie to Yoffa. She kept floating into his mind, and he couldn't figure out why. What about her was so interesting? She probably lived in a hole somewhere, and that was why she was so filthy. So why would a little girl who lived in a hole keep popping into his mind?

Eight hours after Elodie died, Mylz came face to face with his worst nightmares. Or rather, they came face to face with him.

"Helloooo!" Bates and Bram screamed at him, shocking Mylz out of the despair of his mind and making him feel like he'd just jumped out of his skin.

"What the hell?!" He yelled at them, jumping to his feet.

"You're back!! And now Mom and Papa are gonna killll youuuuu!" Bram sung, drawing happiness from Mylz's misery.

"How did you know I was here?" He yelled at the awful boys.

"You always come here to meet that girl," Bates said, "And I gotta say, those makeout sessions were yuck."

"If you don't get the hell out of here right now, I'm going to strangle you," Mylz growled at Bates.

"If you can catch me!" The little boy taunted, turning around and running. 

Bram was right behind his twin. "But you'll have to chase us home!" He yelled at Mylz.

Mylz clenched his fists and forced himself to sit back down. Tearing them apart wouldn't bring Elodie back. Nothing would. But he was desperate to hold on to something now that Elodie was gone.

He knew that he needed to find Dallya. He didn't know why he did, or how he would find her, but he knew what his heart was telling him. His heart wanted to run away again, to explore, and to discover the world's secrets. Even if Elodie wasn't there to do it with him, he needed to carry out her dreams, which were also his dreams. And somehow he sensed that Dallya could help him do that. After all, she was probably living in a hole somewhere. Who wouldn't want to get away from that?

All he needed was supplies and Dallya, and the rest he could figure out along the way.
Summary: After suffering the loss of a girl he loved, a teenage boy finds himself pulled to a young girl. Little does he know that their fates are intertwined and that they have a lot ahead of them. Together they will discover what it's like to live a dream in remembrance of someone and to discover themselves through each other. On their journey, they will also learn how love can be shown in many ways, and your family doesn't have to share your blood.


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