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i've never been one for theatrics, and yet...

september 2018 - august 2020

if i can't escape my fate, then i will make myself a story

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on october 31, 1517, legend has it that the priest and scholar martin luther approached the castle church in wittenberg, germany, and nailed a piece of paper containing the 95 revolutionary opinions that would begin the protestant reformation to the door.
consider me excommunicated

martin luther's grievances, act iv

August 10, 2020


/candle, snuffed/

i’m standing in the ashes of a woman with
ambition; you know i used to be on fire, 
but i’ve faded away;
(and only the good girls rise from dust).
and if the sun was blotted from the sky,
that’d be counterproductive but fuck it because
i’d finally see the world painted black.
i’ve trusted lies and i’ve trusted life,
but darling, would the tides think twice about
dashing you against a rocky shore?
if i can’t shatter bones and platters, then i’ll destroy
my reputation instead, i’ll let it rot away like an unsung voice. 
i’d say i’m sorry it had to end this way-
but i’m not.
and i’ve always liked to play with fire,
so, love, welcome to the end of eras;
it’s time for me to let go.
a tragedy in four acts.

only a very small amount of this is my actual intellectual property; credit to: the rolling stones, halsey, sam tinnesz, panic! at the disco, and nickelodeon

catch me literally anywhere else as lunar mood (or some variation of that name)
love, the artist formerly known as n., signing off.


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  • Kate (Kit-Kat Sully) {Child of God}

    Replying: Sorry, I kinda' gave up searching for the piece you said to reply on so I just decided to try to reply on one of your more recent pieces. I hope you know that I wasn't trying to sound rude or mean in the comment I sent. Anyways, I'd like to start off by saying there is a LOT of proof for what the Bible says. One site I would recommend looking at it you are interested is Answers in Genisis. They have a lot of great proof/evidence that what the Bible says is true. I could probably give you a few other references, but that would take too long.

    Secondly, I have never heard of the gospel of Thomas. Throughout the years and even in that time period, people have tried to add books into the Bible, but I seem to recall a verse where God said not to add any more books into the Bible after Revelation? I just looked it up: Revelation 22:18-20, Deuteronomy 4:2, and Proverbs 30:5-6. Thirdly, I agree, it is a choice that people have to make for themselves, the choice of whether or not to follow Christ. But, Christians can evangelize to people- tell them about God and His love, thus planting a "seed" for their salvation. I know that since you said you don't really belive in the Bible my refrences and sites won't really "move" you.

    Yes, you are right, I diddn't alltogeather grasp what you wrote, but I just felt like I should reply anyways. I really don't know what else to say, so for now, thank you for replying and taking the time to read what I wrote. If you would like to discuss more feel free to reply on one of my pieces. Until then,
    Your friend,

    - Kit-Kat Sully

    P.S. Sorry this was so long! :)

    12 months ago
  • Wisp

    It kinda feels surreal right now that you're leaving Write the World, I'm not going to lie. Whenever I browse this site, I always end up back on your profile, reading your pieces, and now that you're leaving it kinda feels like the end, of what I don't know. All I know for sure, is that it's been a pleasure reading your work and I wish you the best wherever you go and in whatever you do. I'll raise my glass to your departure, a toast if you will.

    about 1 year ago
  • avoiding the big bang

    i'll see you on prose! nice avatar reference btw

    about 1 year ago
  • dahlia

    i am grateful to have experienced your pieces that are simply one of a kind, and i hope to experience them again. i sincerely wish you the best in future endeavors. all the best <3 <3

    about 1 year ago
  • crow_e

    thank you so much for all the writing you’ve posted on this site - it’s been an honour to read and I’ve loved each and every piece. see you elsewhere, maybe?

    about 1 year ago
  • outoftheblue

    it has been an absolute honour to read your work on this site and i find immense comfort in the fact that you'll be on prose- :)

    about 1 year ago
  • poetri

    too bad we'll never speak again ;)
    it's been epic

    about 1 year ago
  • sunny.v

    see you on the flip side!

    about 1 year ago