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credits to my man, billy shakes, for "sleep no more"

a dream//a dream//a dream

August 11, 2020


sleep no more//the goblins with their shining offering plates wake me//with their banging
sleep no more//sleep no more// sleep no more

but i question//i ask their pea-eyed faces the truth// is dreaming really sleeping?
no more//no more// no more

i was stuck// trapped in a sunset canyon scraping the sides// like a cookie batter bowl

in this flash// my legs sunk deep into the ground//head in muck
more// more// more

i wanted// to usher those of my blood out of this canyon's veins//why not?
sleep// sleep// sleep

hi! i'm not back-back, but i will be soon. anyway, couldn't get this dream out of my head. 


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  • August 11, 2020 - 10:55am (Now Viewing)

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  • poetri

    this is weird. and good. good-weird. i dig. and good style too :)
    too bad we don't know eah other irl or anything, i think we'd be great friends :P anyway, see you around.

    10 months ago