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not sure it it's a typo, but the writing prompt says "Week 4" but...last week was Week 4 :/

a library | Writing Streak Week 5 Day 1

August 10, 2020



Trees are a library 
a haven for bookworms
so perch in its low-hanging branches and read
Trees are a library
chock-full of stories
so listen to the tales that it tells
Trees are a library
so they keep their voice low
and their thin leaves whisper whenever the wind passes through
Trees are a library
where ones gather to discuss
and it provides gratuitous shade for their heads
Trees are a library
valuable, noble structures of testaments to old and to the new
So let's put up our ear
to the rough wood right here
I'd like to share this tree-library
with you
I am pleasantly surprised with this piece. :)


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1 Comment
  • FantasyOtter12

    I love this! Very nice metaphor, and comparing a tree to a library is surprisingly realistic and unexpected :)

    8 months ago