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The tree in my garden

August 10, 2020

My garden is quite beautiful thanks to all the parts of the nature in it. There are plants, bushes, leaves. However, most of all, I love the tree which stands right in the center of the garden itself. This is walnut tree the that gives us delicious nuts on a yearly basis, every fall. Not only do I love it for this amazing food that it gives us, but also because all the nuts are picked up and stored in our barn by the 7th of October and that is my birthday. This tree is in blossom during my summer holidays and that makes me feel even more incredible. I guess, the best metaphor to describe my tree is "My tree is just like a perennial sophisticated soil that has been standing at the same position for dozens of decades, waiting for every autumn to give its resources to people". It's like an asylum that makes me a shadow when it comes to a very hot type of weather. As a kid, I used to climb up the tree in order to see all the landscapes and incredible views of my street and also to see every single corner of the tree. It's like a big book, whose branch has a certain page, portrayed as a leaf and it covers its own plot. In a nutshell, my tree has become a certain part not only of my garden, but of me myself as well.


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