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Current fav book/series is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (aaaaaa there's no book that has hilarious and meaningless plot twists like this one)

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Writing is an art, and I think that the best writing shares stories directly from your mind, your heart, your soul, or wherever else you get your ideas from. As a general rule, I try not to have any gap between the words in my head and the words that I write.
Love to read ur stories and learn from them :)))

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August 14, 2020

Day 1
It was spiky and useless, a smudge of spidery acid green paint on a dusty forgotten canvas, jumping out at the eyes like a mistake desperate to prove its worth. 

Day 2
It was a fearless godmother to the children of the dirt, the ones who raged in mud and grit and found a home in her gnarled old wrinkles. 

Day 3
When the wind hit my feathers, I left the ground at last. 
Free! For the first time! I'll stay this way forever!
I don't care who you are fate! I don't care who you are nature!
I'm not a green feather in the ground, or traveler bending down to the storm, or a harp upon which the wind plays music- I'm a bird, that's who I am!
And though when the breeze dies down, I find my feet planted firmly in the ground; even though I can't see higher than the tops of my neighbours' heads; despite the fact that poets and writers love to write about me as luscious and green and forever planted deep into the ground, the lowest of the low- in spite of all of that, I can still feel my wings beating. 

Day 4
She was wild and ferocious, a dirty, muddy fighter who was ready for spectacular adventures- yet here she stood, groomed to perfection and adorned in glitter and sparkling lights, caged beneath the gazes that bore down on her.

Day 5
He was a feminist. He stood fiercely against the winter that was forced down upon him and looked straight into the eyes of those who sat high up on their pedestals, sneering down, because he knew that he would outlive them all.


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  • Bhavya's Treasure

    Day 2 is my favourite!!

    'caged beneath the gazes' Very impactful and powerful!

    'he would outlive them all' savagely adorable!

    In Day 3 you're saying no to all the metaphors that describe trees beautifully and then you come up with your own, that of a bird which is indeed creative.
    All the best! :)

    8 months ago