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Entering Womanhood

August 17, 2020

They asked her, when she was seven, what she wished to be. She said a scientist. Then a year later, she said a soccer player. By the time she was a high-schooler, she said she wants to be married at twenty-seven with three children. It’s the pink aisles at Toys’ r Rus. It’s the dresses they sell for Halloween. She graduated a few weeks ago, and now what she really wants for her future is still able to like unicorns, be taller, and try to recognize her worth based on her thoughts rather than what her boyfriend told her. 


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  • KateC17

    This is amazing! It is so relatable and written so well. Good luck in the competition!!

    3 months ago
  • Maya'sTired

    This piece is great; it's concise and tells a growing up story most women can likely relate to. Assuming this story reflects your personal experience, congrats on graduating in these interesting times and good luck in the competition!

    4 months ago