- typical Libra
- Ravendor
- author of 1 book
&1 more in progress!
- tennis & track team
- animes!!!
- singing & song writing & flute
- a perfectionist and a dreamer :)

- CHECK OUT my gorgeous twin sister Starlitskies!!!

Message from Writer

CHECK OUT ALSO my bestie&travel buddy&amazing poet Parisienne!!! And feel free to join our John Green Appreciation Society if you are also a fan of his amazing books!(and perhaps his Crash Course Series XD)

Dreamers can never be tamed :)

2021 writing projects:
- random inspirations
- several book reviews
- Greek mythology poem series
- Letter series
- a city-related prompt
- My Themis(semi-fictional memoir)

Currently reading: *Dearly* by Margaret Atwood; *Dear Reader* by Cathy Rentzenbrink

If you need a peer review just drop a comment under any of my pieces :)

Happy reading&writing~

Writing Streak Challenge wk4 -- completed!

August 13, 2020

1. An experienced storyteller who appreciates the power of reticence at the same time.
2. A shelter for nostalgia and booming life.
3. The performer of the Ballad of Earth.
4. The branches are strings of dancing musical notes.


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