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new msg: super open to reviews & feedback, thinking about extending this into a short, so i'm eager to learn where/what to expand.

originally here: typos are most likely present, extremely hope the formatting isn't messed up ! *crosses fingers*

your art of broken dreaming // shattered constellations.

September 4, 2020


                                                     you are a broken girl.
                                   who (once) believed in connecting the stars.

you collected broken dreams, seeing them not as they are - but what they were. once they were pretty; but now they're lost and far too mundane, stripped of fantasy. 'cause once you have humanity with something, there's no longer value or meaning. no, humans want more than they are.
so you took these broken dreams and crafted them into stars. few dared to fall, those are the ones who's creators desired them once more. but at last, there's not much to make of second hand, broken dreams. unless they're you, but they're not, only you know the magic behind what you're doing.

                                                  you were not always broken.
                                            back when you painted constellations.

no longer is midnight your canvas, you are no more sweet nor kind. shadow tears you cry, often too hot and boiling or as frozen droplets. they ripped apart all your art; they were too blind to see the broken beauty; they burned every kind of lost dream now, so you can never find them; they destroyed you.

                                              you spent far too much time in pain,
                                                 wondering why. now it fuels you.

there will be starless eternities for everybody. they will grow to fear dreams, knowing if they do, you will be there to steal them. once you collected the broken ones. now, you steal the fresh ones. the world will drow to loose all hope, for you'll have locked every desire that ever danced with their souls. they never cared to learn your name when they were cruel to you; so they will never be blessed with knowing it.

                                    you are far more than a diety. and they'll be damned
                                            for ruining your art of broken dreaming.
lowercase intentional.
Finished: 8/9/2020 (finally managed to write another piece in my notebook of proses, which i've only shared about 1/4 of them with you here on WTW. feels good to be back in action ;))

throwback to when outoftheblue called me out (unintentionally & kindly) for saying, "celestial themes are something of a recurring motif in your work" because in all honesty, my dumb self never noticed that. and bless chrysanthemums&ink's heart (oh my gosh, my grandma's southern talk is rubbing off on me *cringes*), when i asked her about it and she was like "hmmm i do see a lot of those themes in your writing but i think you always manage to do something completely new with the concept, and it's absolutely beautiful." gosh, gotta love the girlfriend & her support, yk? ;). anyway, i've been experiencing poetry writer's block (where i can write proses and shorts endlessly, but at last, no decent poems), but i've really been trying to. i think that's why i don't really have a lot of new material. but now outoftheblue's words got me thinkin'........maybe it i go outside my typical writing comfort zone and drop the "celestial" themes/muses, i might be able to find something else and actually write a freakin' good poem! so yeah, be prepared for something different i suppose? here's your warning now lol.

feedback would be lovely!! comment below your thoughts and/or favorite lines. also, i'm very open to reviews and/or edit suggestions! although, i'll edit in my personal notes, probably not republish another draft.


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  • waxingcrescents

    Wow. Your shifts in tone here were somehow subtle yet powerful at the same time. My favourite line is "no longer is midnight your canvas, you are no more sweet nor kind." for that exact reason. Your style is original and entirely you. Also, don't worry about using celestial themes often! If it's what inspires you, then you can't change that. Use it to your advantage; your poetry itself is like a constellation, and your celestial themes only bring that out (in my opinion.) You are so brilliant and talented and URG I want to know your secrets! Amazing work.

    4 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    i love the progression in this piece. i don't think i can describe it exactly, but the gradual change that is depicted throughout the sections (and those gorgeous mid-section splitters) is so so meticulous and beautifully done. and rereading this god, i don't think i appreciated that progression nearly enough.

    ajsdhakhjsd the footnotes!!! i really do think you did it wonderfully with this piece! don't worry, even with the celestial motifs, your work is still some of the smoothest (hey just bein honest) i've ever seen ;). lovely work. <3333

    4 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    replying: yep, that sounds good!

    4 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    THIS IS AMAZING! Simply stunning, seriously!!! I love it <3 <3 <3

    4 months ago
  • Eblinn

    "few dared to fall, those are the ones who's creators desired them once more."
    oooh, that's so beautiful! stars who fall, fall on their creators??? So brilliant. I adore this poem and personally, I can't get enough of celestial poetry :)

    4 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    your work amazes me okay but can you stop writing such beautiful things, because then i can stop crying because i dont have your talent lol
    like naomi said,i will definetely come back to reread this.
    your work is so 'lofty' that it kinda amzes me how its even real.i feel like your poetry is from a completly different i have so much more to say but i wont.ahhhh you are such and inpiration jkjijbyjk
    also im sorry if i keep repeating myself in every comment but you deserve it so :)

    4 months ago
  • naomi ling

    another stunning dmoral piece (but would it be one if it wasn't?) i think i'll come back to reread this a couple more times. i see celestial themes -- i like -- :")

    4 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    AHHHHHHHH okay so I was THINKING about what I said (celestial recurring themes etc.) And my heart freaking droppeD when I read the footnotes. But, yeah definitely I'm so sorry if it came across that way lol- I have this thing of leaving specific compliments on pieces aghhhhhh but you're so GOOD at them like you could write about 1038638236 things about celestial bodies and I'd read them.
    ayy this comment is a message I'm sorry :((

    4 months ago