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Stand up

August 9, 2020


Get off your knees
stand up straight
spit the blood out of your mouth
hold your head high
show them the bruises don't hurt
fill your body with fire
let it burst
let it rage
Let it swirl 
draw your power from
the anger
the pain
the hurt
If you go down
you go down fighting like hell
You will fight this fight
till the end
win or lose
make sure they never forget your face
make sure they never forget
the way your eyes sparkled with strength and power
This is written to inspire. I'm used to fighting very hard for anything I believe in and for anyone I believe in. I'm seeing all these people giving up or letting comments slide that need to be confronted head on. You need to let people know who you are and what you stand for. Letting people walk over you and talk nonsense ends now. Stand up and fight your fight. 


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