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I'm not strange for wanting to experience life

The air we breathe is no air at all,
but the stolen souls slaughtered in a war we never fought.

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I love the world, peoples beliefs, intentions and the way they think...
Open to opinions on anything, if you want to talk about your views !!

Somebody to Forgive || Somebody to Talk too P2

August 9, 2020


My bedroom seemed dull compared to the pictures on my phone. The places we had gone, the lies we had told to get there and the hours we spent just staring at were we came from, it all seems so long ago. Almost like it never happened. 
I crept down the stares, not knowing why since I was the only one in the house. Family photos littered the lounge room where he had spilled his blood. The couch he had layed on and finally noticed me made my eyes tear up. My phone buzzed, I didn't want to check it.
River, we need to talk. 
Need was the wrong word, my hands moved to answer him. I remember the girl, the one with the black emo look. It's like she wanted to be alone. I never wanted to be alone. I wanted him to lay with me and tell me about his life. I wanted him to tell me he was here. I wanted emo girl to leave us alone. My phone vibrates. 
How can I fix this?
I opened the fridge and took out my dinner. The dinner I would be eating alone. He use to make me dinner, usually pasta, I think that is all he can make. My mind goes numb and I pick up my phone to answer his text.
Can you come over? 
Someone was at the door. I knew it was him but I also knew it would be over once he came in. He would tell me about her and how he loved her. I was only a beginning; his test run. I reached out and pulled open the door. 
He stepped inside without permission. His eyes scanned the house without consent. I wanted to tell him the words that had been bugging me for days but my mouth stayed shut. 
"I know your mad" His words hit me hard, like I wanted him to never utter a word again, "I need you to know she was a mistake"
The boy I had known forever; The person I had walked home with since the start of time, wanted me to believe this lie. I understood his words, I wasn't ignoring him but he had messed up and I wanted him to feel the guilt. 
"River, I'm sorry. Help me make this right." I saw his mouth moving and his eyes welling up. He smelt awful, like he hadn't showered for days. He dropped to his knees in front of me and grabbed my hands, "I never meant to do it."
I smiled at his pain. His willingness to beg amused me. 
"I love you, Miles Griffin"


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  • Landofstories

    OH..oops I didn't realize it was today lol, but I like both of your ideas.(just cuz i havent been on like major scrolling in awhile) tbh I am excited to see what's next.... i'll endure the suspense lmao

    5 months ago
  • Landofstories

    sorry I liked so late, i just realized I forgot cuz I read it then commented my reply. I must have missed this piece, cuz I have lately only been going on WtW to post. Anyway, this piece is super amazing, its heartfelt and cute! This piece made me really curious and I'm dying to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT--DONT LEAVE ME WITHOUT AN ANSWER!!!!!! lol but srsly WHAT HAPPENS?

    5 months ago
  • Landofstories

    replying: yes! I honestly was surprised this was reality but I got inspiration from a few different things and I trying to convey the situation!

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    OoOoOoh whats gonna haAaAaAappen?!?!?

    5 months ago