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Fated For Adventure (Part 1)

August 10, 2020


Hey there! Do you want to hear a story? It's good, I promise.

Alrighty, then! This is going to be exciting. Oh, you're reading the story, not hearing it? I guess this story has traveled far and long, then, for it happened long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away... just kidding, that would mean that the people in the stories are what you might call aliens. They are humans. At least I think they are...

Darn it! I'm already getting off track. What I meant to say is that this story was originally told to an old guy who lived in the middle of a rainforest, and who didn't see anyone for years, and when he did, he repeated his story. (You'll hear more about him later on) Well, it wasn't really his story, but he was a small part of it, cause' he helped out the stories' heroes. I'm doing it again, aren't I?

Fine, I'll actually start the story now.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away - Oops, I just keep on doing that, don't I? You know what, if I keep going on like this we won't be able to make it to the part where that guy's pet snail gets stomped on by Mylz until next week. Uh, that was a spoiler, pretend that I didn't say that. (Also that doesn't actually happen...or does it??)

To keep myself from ruining the story I am going to tell it as if I was watching it all happen. That way it'll seem like you are actually there, and that I'm not telling, er, writing it. Yeah, that should work and keep me on track. Here goes nothing. Well, it's something so it isn't nothing so...I should stop.


Rowlow was an island like no other. Why was it so? I don't know. Ha, that rhymed! Anyways, Rowlow was a very big island, so big that it had a population of around 200,000 people, not including the troglodytes that lived in scattered places around the island. And if you're wondering, "troglodyte" is what you would call someone who lives in seclusion, like a hermit. I like it because it's funny to say. Well, the troglodytes on the Island of Rowlow lived in random places from deep in the forest to places along the ocean. Why am I mentioning them? Two reasons. One, they aren't included in those 200,000 people, and two, there will be a few in our story.

Speaking of the story, it starts in the Village of Acaer, a large village located at the northernmost point of Rowlow that is only a half hour ride on horseback to the ocean if one was to travel north from Acaer. At the time that the beginning of the story takes place, it was October, which meant that it was fall and starting to get cold. It also meant that poor families struggled to stay alive in the cold, like the families in which our heroes will be coming from.

Dallya Stephens was a nine-year-old girl at the start of our story, living at 318 Mongosh Lane. This was one of the many poor streets in Acaer. She lived in a run-down three-room house with her mom, stepdad, and twelve-year-old stepbrother. Her only belongings were a one-eyed teddy bear that she had found in an alleyway once, some old filthy clothes, and a collection of pebbles that she collected.

In the mornings, Dallya was often awoken by the sound of people screaming at each other. Sometimes she was involved in that screaming, especially when it came to her stepbrother. I would tell you his name, but it isn't really important. What's more important was that he was downright awful, more awful than Dallya's parents, which was saying something. Even worse was that she had to share the attic, which they used as a bedroom, with him.

I guess if you count the attic as a room, then that would mean the house had four rooms. But I wouldn't count it as a room since it could only be accessed by a creaky wooden ladder with sharp edges that had to be pulled down from the ceiling from the living room. The attic itself was only four and a half feet tall, which wasn't a problem for Dallya because her head had several inches of clearance. It was a problem for her stepbrother, which she didn't mind because he deserved a bonking on the head every once in a while.

The attic was also small, only about seven feet long and about the same width. This meant that there was only room for one bed, which Dallya's stepbrother got. She slept on the crooked wooden floor with a raggedy old quilt, freezing because the chill of fall nights seeped into her bones.

It was one October morning, October 10th, I believe it was when Dallya woke up to the normal sound of people screaming at each other. That day it was her mom and stepdad, arguing over money. She could hear it from where she lay on the cold floor, through the thin floorboards.

Since she was cold, she decided to get up and flip on the light. Her stepbrother wasn't happy about this because he was snuggled up in the warm-ish bed with three blankets. He told her to turn it off or else. She didn't feel like being beaten because she was cold and miserable, so she flipped it off and used her memory to feel towards the ladder and open the door that released it.

As she fumbled her way down the ladder, she forgot about the metal part that stuck out of the side and before she could pull her arm away, it sliced through it. She let out a cry and fell past the remaining steps and onto an old brown carpet, which she couldn't see because of the darkness.

She heard shouts from her mom and stepfather down the hall, which contained quite a few curse words. As she tried to push herself up she heard her stepfather marching out of the kitchen/dining room and into the living room where the ladder for the attic was.

As he stomped through he flipped a lamp on and glared at her. "You useless brat. You can't do anything right," He told her. "Get up and clean your blood off the ladder you brat." (I have taken the curse words out of what her stepfather said because he said over ten in those three sentences, and no one needs to hear that, especially not poor Dallya) After that, he turned around and left her there with a half a foot gash in her arm from the ladder.

Dallya was used to this treatment from her stepfather. She wasn't used to the injury she had just gotten yet though, so she decided to take care of it. She had a high pain tolerance, a result from growing up where she did, but that didn't mean that it didn't hurt, or that she wasn't worried about it getting infected.

Using an old cloth that was on the floor, Dallya wiped the blood of the ladder. Then she used the same cloth to hold against her arm and attempt to stop the bleeding. All the while she continued to listen to her parents bantering and wished that they would just stop and be normal for once.

Dallya knew that she would need someone to help her with her arm, so she walked through the small kitchen/dining room and past her parents until she reached the door. Her stepfather shouted some curse words at her as she left, but she brushed them off like she always did.

She went to the only place that she could think of going. To Yoffa, a healer who served anyone who walked through his door. He was a man that she trusted to help her since he charged favors to those who could not pay for his services with money. This was helpful for Dallya because she found herself injured often, and she had never had even a single coin in her life.

Yoffa's home, which he worked out of, was only a half a mile away from Dallya's families' house. It was also fairly early in the morning, so when she got there it was empty of patients. Yoffa agreed to help her right away and set to work on cleaning and bandaging her arm up. It was when he was almost done that it happened. The moment when Dallya's fate collided with another, leaving both of them to forever be connected.

This moment happened the instant the teenage boy walked in the door, strawberry blonde hair messy and blood coating his clothes, carrying the girl he thought to be the love of his life.


Mylz Howell grew up 208 Scotty Drive. Unlike Dallya, though, his family wasn't dirt poor. They started somewhat well off, in a nicer area of the poorer streets of Acaer. But what might have been enough money for Mr. and Mrs. Howell to live a life with a few comforts, they threw away to raise a large family.

Mylz was the fifth child of seven, and as one often is in a large family of poor people, he was mostly ignored by his parents and older siblings who worked many jobs to get food on the table. Although he should have found a job the day he turned twelve, Mylz was stuck at home babysitting his two younger brothers, Bates and Bram. The two boys were a troublesome couple, both five years younger than Mylz, and a full-time job in a way of their own. If Mylz left them alone for a moment they would go off and throw rocks in their neighbor's coy pond and try to hit the fish or set up wires on that same poor old lady's lawn so that she would trip over them.

Every moment that Mylz wasn't watching Bates and Bram or doing his chores, he would walk to the edge of town where there was a large patch of trees. There he would sit by himself and dream about a future when he didn't have to take care of two little demons, or share a bedroom with four boys. Of a time when he could run away from Acaer and find his own way in life, traveling around until he found happiness.

It was on one of these days, when he was fifteen or so, late in the evening that Mylz was sitting by a tree in the woods. He was thinking about whether he should wait until he was eighteen so that he could legally leave his family, or if he should just run away right then and there, and travel the island. He was also thinking about the ocean, and how that was the first place he'd go. He figured he could walk there in a few hours, and spend the day looking out at the water. It was then that he heard the sobs of a girl.

Mylz, unable to help his curiosity, snapped out of his daydreams and followed the girls' cries. He found her at the base of a large oak tree, sobbing into her hands, long raven black hair falling around her.

He asked her what was wrong, and she explained to him that her father was going to make her go to a boarding school a few weeks from then and that she didn't know what to do. Mylz also learned that she was from a fairly wealthy family that lived in the good part of the village and that the girl was fourteen and her name was Elodie.

That day Mylz and Elodie became friends, and the next evening when they met again they became lovers. Neither had been in love before, and only Elodie understood even the smallest bit about love, since her parents cared for her. For the next two weeks they shared their hopes and dreams, and made plans to run away from Acaer. Neither wanted to be a part of their families, and they wanted to shape their own lives.

The day before Elodie was supposed to leave for boarding school she met Mylz at the large oak tree with a backpack filled with supplies for their trip, and memories from the life she was prepared to leave. Mylz came with a bag that held the little clothing he owned and the food he'd managed to scavenge, which wasn't much.

Elodie had taken her life saving with her, and they used some of that to take a cart out of Acaer, towards the northernmost point of Rowlow where they planned to see the ocean together.

They reached the cliff at midnight and looked below. That was when Mylz got his first look at the ocean, and although Elodie had seen it before, it was her first time seeing it at night.

They had already planned out their route of where they would travel. They would go around the entire island, traveling alongside the ocean, so that they wouldn't get lost. Neither had ever been far from Acaer. and so they didn't know anything about the dangers that lay on the island and how traveling along the ocean wasn't the best plan.

Four days passed without any trouble. But on the fifth day they reached a village known as Gogogox. Word had reached it about Elodie being missing, and several days before her parents had visited in search of her. When Mylz and Elodie reached the town the villagers discovered who they were, and the two were forced into a cart that was supposed to take them both back to Acaer.

Mylz and Elodie, both terrified of the punishments that would come from their parents, tried to escape. But it was no use. The villagers of Gogogox were much stronger than two teenagers who knew so little about the world they lived in and were blinded by their newfound love.

On the cart ride they were not far from Acaer when they got attacked by a group of thieves. The villagers that had accompanied them as well as Mylz and Elodie were robbed, their cart taken. Not just were they robbed of their belongings, but two villagers were robbed of their lives. Elodie was seriously injured during the attack, and being close to the village, Mylz picked her up and ran as fast as he could while holding on to the girl he had fallen for, who was practically making him fall over with her weight.

It was when he reached Yoffa's house, the healer that anyone could go to, no matter how poor they were, when his fate became tangled with a small girl with messy brown hair and curious green eyes. From that day forward, both their lives would change in a way that there would be no going back to how things once were.
Note: In making this story, I wanted something different than the typically Fantasy/Adventure story. To do this I decided it'd be best to make the characters different ages. Instead of the normal "Clueless Teen girl/boy goes to (Made up place) to save their (town/country/world) not knowing much about their adventure and being chased/hunted by a group of people/monster/whatever" I wanted some characters that you wouldn't expect to go on a journey together.

So that's how this story came to be. I'm writing as I go, so if anyone actually reads this and wants to comment and help me decide the direction this is going...I'll make sure to keep them in mind. Also please stick with it, the beginning is a tad bit odd but that's because the narrators interesting (but will become important later on in the story). Anyways, this is the first part. I plan on making the second one today, and will publish that as soon as possible as well. Enjoy :)


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