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Alms For The Writers

August 9, 2020

PROMPT: YOU, The Writer

Most of my stories are sparked by my dreams or daydreams.

My favorite thing about building a story from a dream is that I already have an idea for the place, and maybe a bit of the plot, and from there my mind can (further) wander.

After that comes the characters, and then... uh... I just write. I think most people work on developing the plot points first, but by the time I've named the characters I'm already in love with them. Every second that I don't spill my mind out in the form of writing, the story burns inside me.

Sometimes, though, when I haven't had any interesting dreams and nothing has come to mind I will randomly think of a cool title. And when I think of a cool title, I want to use it. After finding a title I want to use, I do some deep soul searching in hopes of coming up with an idea that makes sense with the title. Then, if I get a good enough story idea to base off the title, I write from that. Although I typically end up changing the title once the stories developed because I never stick to my plot ideas...I don't throw them away on purpose, but normally other ideas pop up and I forget the original goal. Because of this my endings don't always turn out to great.

Anddd that gets to the endings. Sometimes I will sit down at my computer and write for hours and hours. And at some point my story will get close to the end and I have to write the ending. I haven't written the end of a story in over a year (I have just returned to Write The World after leaving for over a year...) and I haven't been writing much in general. But I do know that I always rush the end of a story. Why? Because it's hard. It really is. Short stories aren't so bad, but the longer the story, the harder it is. This is because you want it to end in a way that the readers are pleased (at least a little, or if you can't please them, leave it on a cliff hanger). You can also end it so that you can make a second story. That is what I typically do. Although I don't typically end up making another story, and when I do, it doesn't get too far. 

There you have it - at this point I've practically written a short essay about how I get my story ideas. If you read this far then...well, hell! I don't know, I can't read your mind! Anyways, have a good day. Fell free to check out my work. I haven't updated any stories in over a year so...that's that. But I will update soon because I'm getting what I like to call the Summer Flood, which is when I don't have school crap rotting out my brain and interesting dreams and story ideas flood my brain.


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