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I think I need a cup of tea ☕️

By: barelybear

PROMPT: YOU, The Writer

You have nothing. Nothing. NoThIng.

I didn’t think it was possible for anything to be this empty, let alone my head. I mean even a tea bag is fuller and that’s supposed to be empty! Sure, you can squeeze it out with five varying sizes of spoon, but I tell you there is nobody that can get that last little drop out.

So even a tea bag has more ideas than you. Great.

Hang on a minute... That’ll be my inspiration! A tea bag. A tea bag that can think and move. It could be action-packed, with a ton of tension and huge sword fights on every other page. Mr Bag could really be called Earl Greyward - a pompous aristocrat by day and secret spy fighting fruit tea by night.

Have you actually lost it?

Okay so maybe it needs work. Don’t give me that look; I’m trying my best!

What if it was about coffee instead? The tea could fight the dastardly devious Dr Finley Ground - just take a moment to appreciate the name (; - I can already see it now, a bestseller in every shop down the country!

Ehem - still here. Just one word on that. No. 
Do you even have a clue what a story is? You can do so much better than whatever this is. 

Fine. We’ll drop that one. But I don’t see you with any ideas.
You know what? We’ve worked for at least two minutes - I think that deserves a break. Maybe the sun will cause a good old mid-walk epiphany. 

Oh. What fun. Or maybe it will cause some lovely sunburn.

Would you just zip it for a moment? Can you feel that breeze? It’s practically bursting with all sorts of whispered stories. I can already feel the ideas seeping into me and I think I have a keeper!

Really? Do tell.

Picture this. In a world full of corruption and secret evil, a lone undercover tea bag has to step up and -

Save the world from an evil coffee bean?



Maybe tomorrow you’ll think of something better.

Message to Readers

So I tried to be funny but I’m not sure how successful I was. Any tips or improvements would be greatly needed and appreciated ✌️
I hope you enjoy it and if not then thanks for reading it anyway :)

Peer Review

This is an epic portrayal of writer's block. There couldn't have been a piece of writing more relevant. I love every word like it's my best friend. You used writer's block to write something that definitely is a piece of writing that flows, makes you laugh, and in the end, makes you think.

So you imagine tea bags and coffee beans as characters? And are you talking to your brain? That would put things in perspective, although the answer to the first question is pretty obvious, haha.

Reviewer Comments

I just can't stop reading this over a million times. I would suggest no sequels, though- leave it at the point where you can't think of anything but tea bags. And be a great writer someday. That's that. Of course, it's your wish!:)