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"It simply isn't a story worth telling if there aren't dragons" -JRRTolkien

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sick of my new home

what if i left?

August 9, 2020


what if i left?
what if i packed my bags and took the keys and left my phone behind?
would they come after me?

what if i left?
what if i drove for miles and turned on the radio and didn't stop for nearly anything?
would they be mad at me?

what if i left?
what if i finally gave up on this desert and left my new life behind for the old?
would they really care?

what if i left?
what if i cut my hair and dyed it red and got a binder and a new wardrobe?
would they still call me their daughter?

what if i left?
what if i went to the place where they call me who i am today and let me dress how i want?
would they make me come back?

what if i left?
i'm so done with this desert.


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  • HelpMe512

    Ugh i relate to this so much! Sometimes i rlly just wanna be myself somewhere else. <3 awesome writing

    7 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    dude if i knew these answers i'd tell you... hang in there. i love your writing! <3

    7 days ago
  • RubyRedDreams

    I really wanna kidnap you. (but like in a you'd come with me willingly way, of course in case someone sees this and is concerned)

    7 days ago
  • Jasmine khawar

    I also sometimes think this.
    But this is so good

    about 1 month ago