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Three Years

By: Rohan’s Defender (Hiatus)


     The funny thing is, I don’t remember when we first met. I wonder if you do. I guess since I visited Grandma every week, well, it would be hard not to see the neighbors around, right? And you were close to my age, you and your brother too. I know I always thought you were cool. I wanted to be around you. Did you want to hang out with me too? No? Well, I know we had some different opinions on things. Maybe we weren’t really similar at all.
      I do remember a lot of the times we did hang out together. The birthday parties, the bike rides, the days in your upstairs, the days in mine. Did you enjoy them? Or was it just me?     We became friends, good friends, or so I thought anyway. But I guess you felt differently. At the very least, you tolerated me for a while. Before you realized what I was. You realized I was disposable. 
     I still thought we were close. We had similarities. And we had a lot of differences. But that’s kind of the definition of a friendship, isn’t it? And in terms of age, well, just because you were older, that wasn’t a big deal. What’s three years in a lifetime? But I guess some people think that difference, those three little years, IS a lifetime. 
      Ha, do you remember how LONG ago it was that I went up to your door to ask if you wanted to come over? Was it my imagination, or did you do the same with me? Oh, the dreams of the innocent! I was young, thinking that friendship could last for ever. That it could mirror the movies. But I’m not nine years old anymore. 
      I guess that you got tired. Tired of babysitting, maybe that’s what you thought it was. Was it because your brother was about my age? Did you put us in the same category, as little kids to watch, to keep out of trouble?  Well, I’m not sure, but I noticed your change of heart. Distance, miles spread between us. Did I do something wrong? Did I push you away?  Did I bother you too much?  Did I make you upset?! I wish I knew.
     I still saw you often. I still visited your house, we still knew each other. You were still my friend, weren’t you? You still spoke to me, you still hung out sometimes. I still counted you as a person I knew. But not anymore.
     What did you think when you found out you were moving? What did you say to your parents? Did you plan to tell me? Did you even consider it? Saying goodbye?
     Maybe you didn’t know how. You know, you could have just told me the simple truth. The facts. No fancy words or sugarcoating. You could have written me a letter. Or a text. Or an email even. But you chose another approach.
     No more visiting. An unreturned look maybe. The cold shoulder. A silent week passed. Then, without a word to me, you left. Gone, as a fading dream, you vanished. Little warning to anyone around, and you were long gone. You had moved on. But I hadn’t. Honestly, I wonder if it would have been easier if you had just told me that I was old news.
      Do you know what you did to me? How many times I thought of you, how many times I still think of you? Did my name ever escape your lips, those same lips that were so silent to me? You must have know you abandoned me. You never contacted me. But you were gone, and at least I didn’t have to endure the cold shoulder in person anymore. But, again, the unthinkable happened.
      After a while, a time for me to process my feelings and finally take the first step towards healing, what happened? When my cousin came to visit, who would come to visit him but you! It’s a small world, huh? Of course, you weren’t there to see me. Still, I waited. Waited for the hello that never came. Waited for the “It’s nice to see you” that I would never hear. And part of me, a tiny sliver, still awaited the apology I lacked.
       When we were about to leave, did you recognize me then? When you looked me in the eye, did you realize who I was? Our gazes connected, and I’ll bet it wasn’t me who glanced away. Was it guilt? That emotion in your eyes? Was it deep in mine too? My own guilt for blaming you, resenting you for so long? I don’t know. But I know you still never spoke a word to me. And anytime after that, we barely even looked at each other, except maybe for a glance full of emotions the other would never really understand.
     Three years. Sometimes nothing, sometimes everything. I have never forgotten you. Have you forgotten me? Maybe I’ll never know. But I’m making a choice. I know you didn’t ask, and probably you don’t care, but:


And I hope you can forgive me too. And maybe we can learn from this. We can learn that three years doesn’t have to be a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be nothing either. Maybe we can let the past be past, keep moving forward, and let three years just be...



This is based off an old friendship I had with my grandmother’s neighbor. I didn’t put a name...but I needed to express this even though he won’t ever read it (hopefully!). I hope you like it; I put a lot of time into this!

Message to Readers

This is Draft 2. Do you like it?! Thank you so much to Ava09 for the extremely helpful review. You guys are so great to me!

Peer Review

I love the raw emotion of this piece. It takes a lot of guts to put your heart out there like that and describe it in such a vivid way. I really admire that aspect of this writing.

You were very thorough in this piece. The few place you may want to expand on are in the highlighted parts, but it’s definitely not necessary.

Reviewer Comments

I’m so glad I got the chance to read this. It was such a beautiful and descriptive piece to describe the heartbreak you went through losing a friend. Please keep me updated with anything with this if you decide to post another draft later on down the line. :)