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I am more

By: Sanjana Sunilkumar


If you think I am sassy,
That's not really true
If you think I am haughty,
I would say that it's you.

You can poke me with thorns,
You can tie me with ropes,
You can kill me with bullhorns,
But you can never destroy my hopes.

You can make my head crack,
And feed it to a dog
But I am not someone you can easily smack,
I am someone worse than any rogue.

You can hold my breath,
And taunt me with your lies
You can starve me to death,
And yet I will rise.

My words can sound like a tall tale,
And can make you feel I am such a bore
Maybe I am just a little girl with a ponytail,
But inside, I am more.

Message to Readers

Can't believe that I wrote two poems in fifteen minutes! This is just one of them :)

Peer Review

I loved the rhyme! I have a soft spot for rhymes, and yours hit home. :) I also really loved how you gave the impression of you being unaffected by what others do, no matter how harsh, and the fact that you can't be defeated. I love this!

It would be great if you could write a few more stanzas, but I have to say that this is one of the most appealing and perfect pieces that I have ever come across.

Reviewer Comments

I just loved this piece. With every line the tension was growing and I was totally rooting for you, even if you aren't going through these right now (I hope). The experience was so real. Hats off to you! Amazing piece. Keep up the good work!