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The Empty Bird Feeder

By: Coral

Luna looked outside the window. The bird was squawking constantly. She searched for earmuffs to cover her ears. Through the thick wool, she could still hear the bird. When she looked closely, she noticed it was her pet bird that went missing a few days ago. She placed bird seeds in the feeder, happily. At night, Luna ate her dinner. She looked down at her plate and smiled. The utensils, stained red as she brought them up to her mouth for a big bite. Her earmuffs lay by the side of the table. The bird was no longer squawking.

Peer Review

I as drawn to this flash story by the title: The Empty Bird Feeder. An empty bird feeder can be a good thing, and a normal thing. However, the first lines indicate something much more ominous.

Definitely! I read this and had an 'Oh My God' moment. We weren't exactly told Luna ate her bird, but the ominous way it's written lets us know that that may be the case. We are made to infer this fact, which makes the text more interesting.

Not really, this was a very well-written piece, with such an amazing story-line.

This is almost perfect! When I read it, I raced upstairs to show my sister how amazing it is!

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