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Why I can't forget you PART 18

August 7, 2020


He left but I couldn’t get over my euphoria. I will mark this day on my calendar forever. 
Rains didn’t mercy last night. The sky was painted with lively orange and merged with peach, 
pink. Allergy was better but sneezes didn’t leave me peacefully. I inhaled petrichor with my pink blocked nose. Soon I made a cup of coffee for myself. Beautiful morning tempted me to adore its serene view. I forgot about the beauty right in front of my window. He was right there, dusting off water from his hair. When he lifted his blue eyes up towards me. There was silence between us. He flipped his hand across his hair, in a playful manner. I felt that he didn’t even need words to flirt.
 Silence came to an end when I couldn’t control my violent sneeze. 
“I just took a wonderful bath and from today I am throwing away perfumes. I hope your allergy is better.” Dan’s eyes revealed his concern. 
“I am doing better. Achoo” I couldn’t complete my sentence when I started sneezing again. I sipped in coffee.
“I can see how much well you are. Maybe we should cancel today’s math class.” Dan was being very playful and naughty.
I showed him my wide eyes with a glimpse of my anger. 
“Why don’t you come to my house today. We will watch some movies or just hangout...doing some math in between. I swear there will be no strong perfumes in my house.” He just needed a reason to be with me.
“I am coming after some time. My parents and Lali won’t be here today.”
I dressed up in a short tint red frock. Each moment spent with Dan was whimsical. I headed to his house. He lived on the first floor. The ground floor was occupied by tenants. Tenants were an old retired couple. On the way to Dan’s home, I crashed with an elderly lady. I sincerely apologized to her. She looked at me with uncanny bewildered eyes. She stared at my legs and my dress. I was very insecure with her attitude, but giving her respect I turned to stairs to his floor. I stood near the stair and watched her go into the tenant’s house. I headed up to Dan’s room. My face was ambiguous. I was so lost and surprised by that lady that I crashed into Dan. “Ouch! What are you thinking about? I have removed all the strong perfumes, room freshener, agarbati and everything else. I reassure you.” I could feel him.
“Oh no I was thinking about a lady, she went down to tenants place.” I headed to his window.
Dan’s room was located next to the tenant’s veranda. I could clearly hear them. The mysterious lady started talking about me. I was amazed. Dan headed near me to ask what was wrong. I signed him to listen to her talk. I never was interested in eavesdropping but this lady was bothering me.
The lady unsympathetically exclaimed,” I saw that young girl again, on my way. Did you see her short dress? These days kids are so shameless. Also, the boy who lives on the first floor. He’s such a spoiled one. Flaunting shirtless on the terrace. He went out last night with that girl. Both of them don’t live here. They have come for vacation. “ I was half broke by now. Dan’s little cousin came playing into the room. I saw her and lifted her in my arms. She was very playful and energetic. My face was flushing with anger about how the lady was gossiping about us. 
After a short pause, she continued.” I saw that boy on her terrace with her. I find them fishy. I saw them alone in the car last night.” She paused for breath. 
Dan’s cousin peed on my dress. So Dan moved her away. I didn’t care at all, my mind was stuck with that ladies talks. And went brought me some tissue. But when he was bringing them and approaching closer to me, I heard the lady continue “ They both are characterless.” I turned to lead after hearing her. I couldn’t stop my tears. I didn’t want to cry in front of him. 
So I rushed down the stairs. Dan ran against the wind behind me. Before I could hurry down the street. He caught hold of my hand, so tightly that I had to stop and just in front of the tenant’s house, he screamed SHE IS NOT CHARACTERLESS. CLOTHES AREN’T THE WAY YOU JUDGE PEOPLE. ILLUSION IN THIS JUDGEMENTAL SOCIETY. Then that lady looked at him in abhorrence. He slowly loosened the hold of my hand. I was embarrassed so I ran to my house. He followed me. I shut my door on him and stood behind the door crying. Dan heard me crying. 
I cried for 10 minuted then changed myself into a fresh pair of clothes. I sat behind the door thinking about how brutally hurting that lady was. Her judgmental outlook on teenagers, clothing. I was also touched by Dan’s reply to her. My heart melted. I have never seen someone fight for me. I woke up from sitting and found a note under the door. “SMILE SMILE SMILE, YOUR THE BEST! THAT LADY WAS OUT OF HER MIND. PLEASE DON’T CRY. I AM HERE TILL YOU SMILE. Keep this note safe. ~DAN. I opened my door. “OH MY GOD! Dan, you waiting here for 1 hour. I am sorry you had to…’ Dan placed his finger on my lips. “Shh, you don’t need to tell me anything.” I was so pleased by his every action. I didn’t have words. I couldn’t control but hug him tightly against my chest. I probably heard his heart pounding very hard. 
Suddenly I came to reality and pushed him away from me. His cheeks were blushing. I think he was comforted or healed by the hug.5
“Why can’t we watch a movie here. I mean Lali is not home yet.” I wanted us to get over that lady’s word. I knew that he was also hurt but was trying to blithe.
“Okay fine. But popcorn?” Dan giggled. 
“OK but I don’t know to make them. I have ingredients and measures, “So come we’ll make it.”
” I was smiling hard.
We went to the kitchen. I handed him the pack of corn kernels.
He started off with the procedures on the packet and did everything. “I think it will be ready in 5 minutes,” Dan exclaimed.
“But Dan it’s written 2 minutes popcorn.” I wanted to mess with him.
“ Oh, I suck at math so 5 minutes. Also, can I say you something.” Dan’s face looked serious.
I nodded my head in yes. 
“ I want to say that you house is so peaceful without Lali. When will she be back? I miss her.” 
Popcorn was ready so I took it in a bowl. “Lali! Lali! Seriously? I like this tranquil home without her. “ Dan snatched the bowl from my hands and then I chased him down the hall, where we put movie on TV. We could only watch it alone for 15 minutes when Lali came back and joined us for the movie.
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date published 8-8-2020


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  • Sanjana Sunilkumar

    Yes, its never complete without Lali! Lol

    about 1 month ago
  • .amelia.

    Sure! Just finished this part. Thanks in advance! (^-^)

    2 months ago