Alison Tae

United States

I'm a 13-year-old rising high school freshman living the dream in NY. I enjoy the many beauties of life, including reading, food, music, figure skating, and sleeping.

Message to Readers

I'm fairly new to writing... any kind of feedback on how to make the writing better or on how to write hooking stories would be greatly appreciated!


August 7, 2020

I slump to the ground as my body racks with sobs.
A death certificate slips out of my hand and floats to the dirt floor of a run-down shack.
It’s where my parents lived after they left me.
My quest was useless. I feel lost. Surely, my mother died, too.
The cabin echoes of one word: orphan.
Suddenly, I hear the matted thump of footsteps. I hush, wait a few seconds, stealthily glancing to the side. I see a woman with dark hair. Long, slender legs. A round face with a mole under her left eye. Just like me.


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  • sunny_sky

    This is really good! I'm actually jealous... I wish I could write like you

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    this is intriguing! I want to know what happens next! I was hooked from the first line—nice job! Best of luck in the competition!

    5 months ago
  • SaraJane Devereaux

    Wow! This is really good, Alison Tae. I'm so interested on what happens next. Keep going! You're doing such a great job. Look at you go.

    5 months ago