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Big thank you to Jo Margaux, dovetrees and JoslynCollins101 for reviews!
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I'm not too sure about the last sentence of the first paragraph... any feedback would be amazingly helpful :)

Killing Time (final draft!)

August 17, 2020

The clock on the mantle has eyes, I swear. Piercing into my soul; watching, waiting, and watching some more. It ticks and tocks, unrelenting, like Time himself is behind me at every turn, a knife’s edge resting against my back if I break his insistent rhythm. 

What if… 

Denying Time, I stop underneath his turned-up nose, lingering on the scent of his rotting breath. Fury grows inside his clockwork carcass, flames licking at his hollow chest, until he crumbles into ashes. Meaningless. 

The clock on the mantle still ticks and tocks, unblinking. 

I’m still running out of Time. 
Word count: 98
Draft three (this one!) first published: 16/8/2020 

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    replying: thank you so so much! i'm glad you liked the idea of having faith in life itself :)

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