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The Strength Within

By: TessaYoung


Stumbling in the dark,
Falling to the ground.
Blood upon my face,
Praying to be found.

Hope quickly fleeing,
Darkness closing in.
Outside me, the world is silent,
But it is deafening within.

My prayers of salvation,
Go seemingly unheard.
But just before I let go,
I hear a single word.


Rolling over,
Wiping away the blood and tears.
Slowly getting to me feet,
Pushing away my fears.

Message to Readers

Do you ever have a moment when all of the sudden, a line, or an idea just appears out of know where and you're like,
"Hold the phone, I have to write this down,"? That's what this poem was for me.
I hope you like it, it means alot to me.

Peer Review

I loved how the piece begins with the person hopeless and transitions well into them learning to believe in themselves.

I would like to know more about what exactly the character is facing. Maybe elaborate more on the first 2 stanzas. Just hint a little on what's going on, since poetry doesn't have to be specific. What made them lose hope? Is the person lost or are they dying?

Reviewer Comments

I like the flow of the poem. The title works really well with the piece. It's well written and expresses a lot of emotion. Great job! I think a little elaboration on what exactly the person is overcoming would be good.