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Message to Readers

Second draft. Changed the title from'A Nymphet's Escape' as well as most parts of the story. What do you think? Any feedback would be a great help.


Skyborne Darlings

August 10, 2020

"Finally! Just you and I, Elena." Her father flicked the motorcycle handlebar again and snickered. "You and I."

Elena felt her heart thump. She begged Mother not to trust him anymore. But now, here he is, taking her away. Probably forever.

"No," she whispered, releasing her grip from his torso. She willed herself to fall, feeling feathery, until her skull kissed the pavement. Spine snapping.

Then it's just her -- frock ragged, body paralyzed in the asphalt. Yet celebrating.

Elena closed her eyes and waited for her mother to kiss her goodnight, wondering if the sky would do it instead.
Word count: 99

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  • Emma_Caylie

    This is so good! You portray the story so well!

    12 months ago
  • Lata.B

    Aw this was so good! OMG!!

    12 months ago