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Why I can't forget you PART 17

August 7, 2020


Dan started laughing out loud. “ I think I should drop you home. Your family nailed it, especially Lali! She is the head of sarcasm. I feel like I should have actually kidnapped you…”
He continued to rant over things pretending to be blithe. But I see his blue melancholic eyes. In a conciliatory tune, I was about to start a conversation when I sneezed again. Dan forgot about driving and looked wide-eyed toward me. We both were in tremendous shock. I was amazed by the sudden and unexpected sneezes. Winds were howling and clouds sneezing small droplets upon our glass, beads of fog enveloped us. Dan had to pull over the car because as far as sight went there was no visibility. “So we don’t have an option, except to appreciate the beauty of nature with the beauty by my side,” Dan remarked. “Wow, Petrochior I love this!”. Suddenly my brain solved the messy jigsaw. “DAN, DAN! I KNOW WHY I AM SNEEZING, ACTUALLY, I JUST NOW REMEMBERED that I am allergic to strong perfumes. “ I was so enchanted by adoring his perfume that I forgot about my strong perfume allergy. Dan’s reaction is embedded in my memory so well. The first consequence of his was, shedding his coat which was probably drenched with all the perfume and threw it on the backseat. Then he stared unblinking for a few seconds as a taunt to my flippant action. I grinned flaunting my so-called white teeth at him with eyes looking big reflecting my innocence. “WOW! I can’t believe who is being careless here. Miss Perfect! Carelessness is my attitude miss.” He was stunned by these qualities in me. “I hope you are better now. Sorry I didn’t know about it earlier.” I was pretty comforted by his benevolent reaction. 
As we waited for the fog to have some mercy on us the night grew icy and chilly. I turned my neck behind to see what he had on his backseat. I saw some random books, snacks, the poem diary, and unbelievably a guitar. “Dan!” I pocked my finger on his shoulder with mischief. “I am bored and also hungry. I am eating those candies. Also, you have a guitar and your diary please entertain me.” I demanded. Dan stretched his hand for the diary and flipped the colorful pages in search of a good poem. 
“Megha kya ho gaya aapke sudarta ko, tasati bondon ne darpan mein aap hi ka chehra dekhaya”
“Oh clouds, what happened to your magnificent beauty, craving water has made a mirror to reflect and appreciate the real beauty.”
“Show me, this isn’t there in the diary. Dan! Lier, you made it now.” I questioned munching some candies.
“Ya, but what to do you wanted entertainment right. Anyways, the way looks clear.” 
In fifteen minutes we reached my home. I urged him to meet my dad. “No way, first of all, it’s so late. Secondly, he will kill me for giving you the allergy.” He shouted in horror. “Fine, But my dad is not a killer. Bye, Good night! Your candies were amazing. Just kidding. I enjoyed the party.” I told with pink cheeks continuing munching his candies. He left but I couldn’t get over my euphoria. I will mark this day on my calendar forever. 
word count 550 approx
date published- 7-8-2020

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  • .amelia.

    It was so sweet <3

    4 months ago
  • EliathRose

    “Please entertain me.” I love her so much.

    4 months ago