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She Who Sleeps with the Fishes

August 17, 2020

The girl had been long gone before she left the world. Childlike wonder stagnated sticks to crevices of her mind. Echoes of a dream taunt, feed, drain. 
They could have ceased to remember a child, a sister, a friend. But they pick up the pieces they shattered, lighting candles in her name. 
She watches. 
Not from the stars, smiling upon them. 
But from the twisted waters, among the fish which swim upstream.
A brother leans to look for them, hoping he’ll see what she did. His face falls. 
“How could I know?” their hearts stutter for eternity. 

This may be the final piece I'm going to submit. I made a lot of revisions from my first draft, and I think this version is a lot better. 
Word Count: 97

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