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Can I pay you to love me?

August 24, 2020


Can I pay you to love me? I want some bandage on my hurts  a hand to lift me up to wipe off the mud from my scars Can I pay you to love me? to hire someone to pick up those stabbed knifes from my back Wrap me up in a warm blanket  Let me heal , I don't wish to conceal what I feel  Can I pay you to love me?  I desperately need some claps in the silent hall when I am done with my work comfort in my house and a mug of warm hot chocolate ... Can I pay you to love me? I don't want you, now I need you.  
Word count 116
Date published 6-8-2020


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1 Comment
  • Paisley Blue

    I. Can. Relate. I love the ending—this is so raw and real. <3

    4 months ago