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us bitter shamans of ink and spell

By: spectral


by candlelight, crush your broken heart between fingertips/with the blood of your lovers but the tears of your sorrow/carefully, carefully/with the crackle of the fireplace/dip your pen in and write/revenge may be sweet/but its a swift poison/draw it out/letter by letter/all the more savory/oh, it's witching hour, alright/play those heartstrings like ukulele chords/
/well, writers may be dreamers/and dreamers might forgive/but who said they forget?/who said they forget/try to charm me with your words/enchant me with your smile/oh, did it hurt when you fell from olympus?/no, darling/it'll hurt when i sent you to hades/

*insert evil witchy writer vibes*
idk i wanted this to be longer but my brain doesn't work. technically flash fiction, under 100 words.
might be my curtain call here. i don't know. im getting serious doubts about staying, but who knows. if it is, you guys know where else to find me.

Peer Review

The images are really strong and create a dark aesthetic! Very dark academia, if you ask me. Really impressive!

I don't think there's anything to adjust apart from the comments on the left.

Reviewer Comments

The dark aesthetic slowly built by incredible imagery will really stick with me. Congrats for the amazing work!