Diana Cojocea


Christian Girl
Adores Nature
3rd Eldest of 12 kids (1 mother, 1 father)
Lover of Writing
Animal Lover

Message from Writer

Writing can take you deep,
Writing can take you far.
Writing can take you places,
Beyond the furthest star.

Just open up your imagination,
And write your thoughts down,
Any poem, any story ,
Just let your words abound.

-From me to you and know it's true!

Are YOU That Legend?

August 16, 2020


Earth. The only planet with complete life and movement.
Well, that’s what the citizens of earth thought. Each time you look up to the sky and see a star, do you wonder what is really out there? Beyond the distance? Beyond the boundary of which no man has ever gone? Think about. What if there is another world? Another galaxy, full of strange things so miraculous, that contains qualities the human mind could never imagine. Well, although the world does not know it there is something hiding in the mist of the mysterious galaxy. A mystical world full a pure fantasy and magic. Legend has it that one day an average human will set off and embark on a remarkable journey and find this world. You never know. One day it could be you

#Keep writing writers! And always remember that; "The first thought of imagination is just a step closer to your greatest                                                                                                                 adventure yet." -Diana Cojocea


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  • Elizabeth Lewis

    This amazing! I love it so much! Keep writing! :)
    Revelation 21:4

    about 1 year ago