Diana Cojocea


Christian Girl
Adores Nature
3rd Eldest of 12 kids (1 mother, 1 father)
Lover of Writing
Animal Lover

Message from Writer

Writing can take you deep,
Writing can take you far.
Writing can take you places,
Beyond the furthest star.

Just open up your imagination,
And write your thoughts down,
Any poem, any story ,
Just let your words abound.

-From me to you and know it's true!

Deeper than the Sea

August 5, 2020


It’s calm. Calmer than I’ve ever known.
My rod resting gently in the ocean deep. My hair slowly swaying past my ears in the autumn breeze.
I love it here. It’s all I’ve ever known. It just makes me calm as the boat peacefully rocks side to side. I don’t usually come for the catch, I come for the soothing relaxation of the sea. It’s a time when I can just escape. Escape from life, troubles, pain, and the present. It just helps me let go and imagine.

I close my eyes as the smell of the fresh, salty, undiscovered sea slowly paints a picture in my mind. I inhale slowly and allow imagination to break free. A boy and his father sailing in a boat across the sea. Searching and hunting for the richest fish in the world. The boy leans against his father’s side as his dad speaks such promising words and tells the tales of the mighty sea.

I open my eyes slowly and gaze at the coming sunrise. I watch as the warmth of the golden sun travels its way up my body and against my face. Another pictures appears in my head. Three children. A sister and two brothers, all huddling together in a blanket so soft. The youngest brother in the big brothers arms. All cosy and warm, in the frosty morning breeze. All watching with a smile as the sun peaks over the horizon, and scraps its art of light across the endless waters. The boy leans against his older brother as he tells the tales of the mighty sea.

As the light of day travels slowly across the sleeping world, so does a stronger wind. I close my eyes once again as the small waves push the boat gently, side to side. A child being rocked in his mother’s arms flashed in my mind. Her calm smooth eyes, so warm and beautiful as she sung like an angel. The boy leans against his mother as she sang the tales of the mighty sea.

The mighty sea. How far can such stories be held? What does it take to find the hidden world of the enchanted ocean?
I sat there, repeating the mystery tales of the mighty sea. Just like my father, sister, brother and mother told me…
Once before the war began. Once before becoming an orphan. Once before the sea.

“It’s closer than you think.” My father’s voice echoed in my mind. “You just have to think deeper than the sea.”


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