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Couldn't school be better?

April 15, 2015

Theres alot more then ten things I wish that were both true and untrue. Theres plenty of things about schools that I wish were changed, and some even about the things way life works after school. 

But the first thing to start with, is that my 5 things I wish were better,or true, about school. I wish that schools would alow their students to be more creative. Creativity is limited after Elementry school, they wish us to grow up. Yet, as a writer, your expected to love reality and pass all your classes with "A's" and that is simply not possible. How do you fall for something that you do not like? 

Second thing is that I wish schools would not limit our choices upon what we learn. With certain school systems, its all about the test at the end of the school years. There is so much that I would love to learn if only the teachers were able to break away from the listings for the final exams

I wish that writers were more appritiated in schools. I was told that I was unable to write for my free time as it doesn't pretain to any of my classes, though I do beg to dissagree. Also, it pretains to the job I wish to do in the long run, why shouldn't schools support me?

I want schools to remember not all of us can live up to the "perfect standards" they have set for us. I can not learn when my teachers hand me one worksheet and expect me to learn it on my own. I can not keep a level head when the teachers deny to answer my questions. 

I wish schools would add more extra activities that do not include sports, something intertaining that the unathletic people will be able to do. 

To be honest I want nap time back, I miss the naps I used to get when I was younger. I think highschool is tougher then anything else was, I have to stay up late to compleat homework or stay up to speak to my teachers on something I don't understand. 

I would love to learn how diffrent electronics work, they would be far more interesting then the squareroot of 18. 

I'd love to have a class on the stars. The stars are scientific and enteresting! How cool would it be if I could go home and be able to tell my father about all the constilations I had learned in class. 

Boy, would I love to learn how to spell! I have small issue of spelling things how it sounds, so to be taught that over again would be fantastic. 

And, finally, I wish school had reliable people. I can't trust half of my peers becuse they have yet to prove to me they are able to handle a simple order. With group work? It's practicly impossible to trust them to compleat their end of the work. 


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