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Just trying to put words together in a pleasurable manner that also make sense.

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August 5, 2020


The memory of madness remains,
Scars on the synapses of my soul.
My love, my hope, my youth,
I have far too many moments in my mind.

This was before and cannot be again.
This was before and cannot be then.
This was before and should not be again.

Rubble, now
Around my house, 
Around my soul, 
Around my life.

Rubble, now
Around my love,
Around my hope,
Around my youth.
If you can, please donate to the Lebanon Red Cross: https://www.supportlrc.app/
Check-in with friends or family you have in Beirut. Pray for them, keep them in your thoughts, and show them your support. Now, of all times, we must show our solidarity with fellow human beings. It is the least we can do whatever scenario we are in. Let 2020 not be a year of sorrow but of fellowship. Despite the hardships this year may have brought us, we still stand together resilient as always.


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  • rainandsonder

    the whole "this was before and cannot be again" stanza made me feel things, i'm not gonna lie. i also love the repetition of "rubble now", this is such a genuinely moving poem.

    about 2 months ago