i guess i'm supposed to write stuff here, but it's so much harder to write a bio than to write other things

writing streak // week 4 day 2

August 4, 2020


what i once thought was forever

grass tickles our ankles as we laugh in aspen shadows
i know those fields like the back of my hand
behind the schoolyard tarmac lies possibilities, memories
sunny days screaming 'spring, 2019'

the camera pans to an eagle-eyed view of a trio
voices ringing out in unsychoronized dissonance, reckless abandon
counting minutes before the bell like sept huit neuf
it's here that i learn that life can be a musical if you'd just sing

walking down along the wooden rink
i can barely hear my thoughts over our collective ramblings
inside jokes scamper up our limbs and run down our veins
backpacks swing off, backs melt into the grass
and all we see is sky



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