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urk this was cheesy before but now idk what to write :/


dandelion dreamer

August 18, 2020

The polaroid was polarizing. It's rare something lives up to its name. As sprinklers weathered the white tulle, he listened to Mother's lecture.

"The shameless rule the world. My feathery darlings, fate floats in the wind. Only the flagrant can survive hell's star."

But as the picture wept swirling colors into the roots, he swallowed ballerina dreams. He wanted to be beautiful, yearning to flutter like blushing butterflies, exist dramatically like rouge roses.

So when the wish's kiss wafted him away, he didn't settle. He twirled, he grand-jet├ęd, he flew. 

And falling, he wondered if all dreams lead to Icarus. 
CC would be much appreciated! I really struggled with getting the piece under wc, but please lmk if anything is unclear at all :) (My word, the expert review filled up fast!)

I think I've finally got it right, so at least for now, this is my final! Best of luck everyone :)



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  • almost flora kane

    re: thank you! here's actually a link to one i remember publishing, sorry for making you look through everything!! it's pretty old so i hope it's not terrible lol

    3 days ago
  • almost flora kane

    i like this a lot!! that last line gave me chills. plus, i love your username:) amaryllis was one of the first names i started using for so many of my stories a while ago. so pretty! is it your actual name?

    4 days ago