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Hidden Truths

By: Huba Huba

    My creator's face is buried in his hands. Sitting next to him, I'm covered in dark, harsh strokes, singing a sorrowful melody. Other competitors' names boom through a loud speaker; they then receive golden plaques for their paintings that sing beautiful, happy melodies. My creator's name is never called. 
    We feel condescending glares on us; the same glares the judges gave. The room feels colder. 
    "Why do you paint such ugliness on me?" I ask him. 
    "Because there is such ugliness in the world, but people don't want to admit their dark, harsh truths."
    He's missing a golden plaque. 

Message to Readers

This is probably going to be my final draft before submitting to the competition, so please review me! Be as critical as you can, I'd rather receive a review with only criticism than a review with only compliments.

Peer Review

The first sentence – I elaborate in the highlights.

Throughout the piece, but I particularly noticed it at the line, "My creator's name is never called." So much is revealed in that line.

Not that I can think of :)

Awesome job, keep writing and good luck in the competition!

Reviewer Comments

This was so creative, and such an enjoyable piece to read. Remember, as the author, you don't have to accept every suggestion I make – always do whatever you think sounds best. Thank you for sharing!