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Writer, poet, musician, wanna-be-botanist.
Sleep deprived.
Call me a monster, I put milk in before the cereal.
I'm probably eating ramen right now or having a mental breakdown.
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Message to Readers

I tweaked it again. Although I don't want to submit this as final, when I saved my draft, I realized the "submit as final" button was gray instead of orange. Does this mean I won't be able to submit it? >^

Hidden Truths

August 10, 2020

    My creator's face is buried in his hands. I'm covered in dark, harsh strokes, with a sorrowful melody. His competitors' names boom through a loud speaker; they march up to the podium with their chests high. They then receive golden plaques for their paintings that sing beautiful melodies. His name is never called. 
    We feel condescending glares on us. The room feels colder. 
    "Why do you paint such ugliness on me?" I ask him. 
    "Because there is such ugliness in the world, but people don't want to admit their dark, harsh truths."
    I think he's missing a golden plaque. 

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