Peer Review by Kei Nishikawa (India)

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Hidden Truths

By: Huba Huba

    If you win, you move up a court. If you lose, you move down a court. The one who embraces the first court shall be awarded, and the one who falls to the last court faces a wall of down looking glares. This is Up River, Down River, the badminton edition.    
    From three courts away, I look at Kimi, who stands at the last court. While many may see her as weak and unskilled, I see her as strong and persistent. She doesn't step off the court to quit. 
    Kimi is someone who will succeed. 

Peer Review

Game/Sport element of the story

"...the badminton edition." This seems to confirm that the "courts" signify a competition.

Up River, Down River ?

You just need to gild the lily.

Reviewer Comments

Nice story:)