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I'm a little iffy on the title, so let me know what you think? Magpies mean good fortune I believe (so seeing one is kind of like good luck), so I played with that a bit with my title.

I'm also still looking for ways to shorten this piece to include lines I had to cut out, so if you have any suggestions on that, I would really appreciate it!

and the bloody magpies fled

August 8, 2020

    "Please, my son!" She thrashes against the soldiers. Blood cakes their rifles.
    Her almond eyes meet yours, familiar. Foreign. "I know you have family over there. You understand, right?"
    You do. You aim the rifle at the child. "Do what's best, Miss. For all of us."
    She surrenders; you leave the child clutching his blanket, hoping he would die soon (the dead don't suffer).
    You glare at the setting sun. Soon, it will rise again, resuming the slaughter. But, this is war. Any decent soldier cannot rest until work is done, and above all, you are a good soldier.
Word count: 99 words

I'm a little hesitant towards actually submitting this to the competition since SO many people are submitting to it with amazing pieces, and I doubt this will stand a chance. Regardless, any feedback is appreciated.


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  • EdilMayHampsen

    WOAH! This piece is stunning. I love the imagery. I love that "You" is a clearly bad person. I love the element of horror. "You aim the rifle at the child." Just...Wow. Great piece.

    4 months ago
  • Ren

    Hey! Dont give up so easily, your piece is great too! You never know who'll win until the final result. Give it your best shot! Sorry I might be sounding like a grandma but you never know until you try.

    4 months ago