Kei Nishikawa


-He/Him(last time I checked,lol)
-18 yo(now where's me false teeth and cane, hehe)
-tyro writer
-Art enthusiast
-loves origami
-low-key likes anime and manga

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Hihi^^ Welcome to my dusty corner in the Internet

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My apologies if I'm not there to greet you I'm probably devouring my new book or attempting to steal cookies from the fridge top.
“-Mother gazed into me with cold lifeless eyes as I held the cookie jar with my chocolate-stained hands.”

My apologies, sorry to trouble you. I was thinking of getting it replaced but simply can’t find time for it. It’s crazy about crime thrillers and starts spewing pretty weird stories sometimes.

Anyways pleased to make your acquaintance. I quite new here so I’m just getting the basics right so if you follow me I’ll be sure to follow you back.

Veiled Loneliness

August 18, 2020

The pale red sun half-hidden in the horizon shone on a face slick with sweat as the boy looked up from tilling the ground.

Another day ends with no news of father he thought as he gathered his tools,straightened his straw hat and trudged towards the hut.

His hut-a shelter of tinned roof and mud walls, with its neighbor living in the town few miles away seemed lonely.

But soon the crickets accompanied the solitary boy; singing along to his familiar footsteps performing their final sonata as moonlight streamed down and the starry stars twinkled their ovation.


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