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"The Man who says he can and the man who says he can't are both correct" - Confucius


August 4, 2020


When you are the only tree left when all the rest have been painfully chopped down,
And you have to face a decision of whether you want to decay or grow,
Grow always, for one cannot know how tall a tree just like you can go.

And when small spaces are filled with tones of green, 
disperse your seeds down onto the ground.
If your first tree get inevitably chopped clean,
You shan't be starting from nothing,
And you will have a platform to grow from.

If you try hard enough and move past these blunders,
Only the sky knows how high you can get,
For you chose to grow, 
And still you know,
This is only your height as of yet.

So grow my love,
Never choose to stop,
For all those seeds you planted yourself,
Will grow taller than the one they once chose to chop.


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