Amelia EI Bradley

I'm not strange for wanting to experience life

The air we breathe is no air at all,
but the stolen souls slaughtered in a war we never fought.

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I love the world, peoples beliefs, intentions and the way they think...
Open to opinions on anything, if you want to talk about your views !!

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March 10, 2021


Aversion had slowly crept into my sisters eyes, resenting me for past fallacies.
They heard the rumors. 
Sheltering them would be unjust, it would show them there opinions were displeasing.
My mind was there worst nightmare, my face unwelcome.
I walked along the path, steering clear of the two girls I had practically raised.
The rumors weren't true.
As kids we would be friends; as teenagers, no longer.
I sometimes wished the words that spilled from my sisters mouths were true.
 I wish my mother would call me the name she chose.
Every breath was forced.

And so my new life began as the monster I never was.  
Updated because WtW thought it was to abusive last time... I tried to keep it unabusive but I want the emotion to still be there... What do you guys think? 
Thank you for reading it <3 
Means alot... not my best work


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  • Nyla

    Wow! I love how this is like a story but it's written like a poem and you really somehow compacted a ton of emotion into so tiny a piece! The last sentence really is powerful and makes one rethink the rest of the poem! I love it! Also, obviously, I haven't read the original, but I don't think it's abusive! I'm not really sure of a title other than "Monster", but that's just cause I like naming things words I use within them (if you check out my poems you'll notice that XD)

    6 months ago