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I'm not too happy with this one, although I think it's a fine concept. So if anyone has any suggestions, please help! thanks >-


August 3, 2020

PROMPT: YOU, The Writer

Sat down, facing a blank screen, with no idea how to fill it. When ideas suddenly pop into my mind, I start writing...I hang onto my last word, needing not to know what will come next. I fly into stories of the fairies and enchanted forests, stories of mystical and astonishing lands and places of emotion and dread. The stories have no guaranteed happily ever afters, although I need closure in life's circumstances some of the time.

My deepest fears, secrets, desires, are all hidden between the lines of the text and always unknowingly come through in their own form, they enjoy showing their faces. Mind and heart disagreements happen often with screaming matches from the left and right side of my brain and getting them out on paper is the only way to silence them....So that's what I do. I write. I write because I need to write. A constant cycle of being happy with my work and deleting the whole piece is my motivataion. I long to get past that stage of satisfaction and find pride in the page in front of me.

So, when I start to write, I don't know which enchanted land I will sail to next, I just know for sure it will be an exciting ride. 


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