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Why I can't forget you PART 15

August 10, 2020


“Just dance with me, eat with me…. Anything” Dan replied casually.
I started off with my rant. “First of all, you lied to me. I am hurt. You could have told me before. I felt so awkward. I am ready to pretend but I am very upset with you.” I scolded him for a minute.
“I am sorry. Maybe we can go and have pani-puri. I hope it will work. I would have told you before but how could I ask you to pretend to my girlfriend.” I could see his eyes sparkling with an apology.
“Ok! No problem now. I will pretend and enjoy the party. So let’s go to the pani-puri stall.” We headed to the stall and I had 50+ pani-puris. They were spicy, tangy, and delicious. Then we sat down in the big hall. The DJ was constantly changing songs. Later a slow romantic song was being played. Dan delicately asking my hand. I got up and after thinking twice I put my hand on his shoulder. They dance was going pretty smoothly. I couldn’t resist my eyes to dive into those blue diamond eyes. Everything was going very well until the birthday girl arrived. Dan looked at her with his corner of the eye and then suddenly grabbed my hips and pulled me so close. I couldn’t realize what was happening until I saw that girl being very envious and going away. I felt sorry to ruin her birthday party. My mind was flooding with all these thoughts and when I came back to my consciousness, I realized HOW CLOSE I WAS. My lungs were clogged with his strong perfume. I couldn’t stop feeling his presence near me. I felt my eyes were sinking into him. I felt on the ninth cloud. Just then I realized that the song ended. He was silent. His face was rosy pink. Slowly I could feel his hands losing my hip. The silence lasted too long. Till I could feel my sister’s call buzzing on the phone. I was just recovering from the magical wounds by his touch so I had no mood to pick up her call. I just declined her call again. Then I heard Dan’s ringtone. It was an unknown number. Dan attended it. I heard a silly voice “ Hello! Dan, I hope you haven’t kidnapped my sister. She isn’t receiving my calls.” It was Lali! I don’t know how she has her antennas on, whenever we are close she crashes.
Dan replied, “Yeah I have kidnapped her but how do you have my number?”
Lali laughed with more of an evil tune. “Haha! I know everything.”
Then Dan hung up on her. He was pretty annoyed by the way she interrupted without her physical presence.
word count 460
date published 4-8-2020


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  • Smruti Swarupa Mahapatra

    Oh My Goodness!!! How do you write everything this good? Totally mesmerized with it.

    3 months ago
  • PureHeart

    'I could see his eyes sparkling with an apology.'
    ' I couldn’t resist my eyes to dive into those blue diamond eyes.'
    such cute imagery, i can't -

    4 months ago
  • Mishthi Sharma

    This is my favourite till now....<3

    4 months ago