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My final version! Honestly, whatever happens in the competition, I'm just proud of my final product. Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback! :)

Together Enlisted

August 17, 2020

    Fighter jets screamed overhead. Rain slipped through the trees, thick and oppressive, washing away Raymond's blood. Walter held him closer, cradled his head, cried his name.
    That was war: it took, and it took, and today, it took Ray.
    He loved him. He loved him. He loved him.
    He wasn’t meant to.
    Affection like theirs was forbidden. Sin, the specialists would say, a sickness.
    To them, it was freedom.
    Walter’s boot slipped where he knelt in the trench. He bent, listened close.
    Just breathe, Ray. One breath, and we’ll be fine.
    But Ray was already gone.
I'd love some feedback on this! Let me know if it was confusing or if you have any title suggestions. If someone left me a review, that would be wonderful, but no pressure. :)

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  • Bee_14

    this is an interesting take for a short story, really original. it was really good!

    4 months ago
  • mia_:)

    this is so good!! also, i noticed the adjustment to your profile and i'd love to run through castle ruins at midnight in flowing dresses with you!! would there be iced tea afterward?? ;)

    4 months ago