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Message to Readers

I bit the bullet and submitted! Here's his final story. Thank you to everybody who helped me along the way.

Answers from the Homeless Man Who Plays the Flute

August 13, 2020

He glares when I approach. He says this:

Whaddya want? I don't have money, I need money.
Ha. No story. I'm storyless.
My mom's gone. My dad’s dead. Yada-yada.
That's it. Sorry kid.

I play the flute because it's the one thing that's got my name on it. Mine.
I hang from the telephone wires because I won't commit to death, but I’ll flirt with her, ya know?
When I’m upside down, piping melodies, that’s joy.
I make music for the people. They need a soundtrack to their stories.
Kid, I'm storyless: I do whatever the hell I want.
Word Count: 99


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